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We are a passionate and experienced team of nerds and keen techies

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The Journey so far

In the fall of 2013, a team of young techies had a vision to provide technological solutions to the emerging markets in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle-East. They started working on small projects including NATAL, a mobile solution that reduces child mortality and maternal illiteracy for sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle-East under the supervision of IBM.

In the summer of the 2014, they started working on the company GutsHaven (Haven of Guts) – building web and mobile solutions for SMEs and individuals.

Now we’ve evolved into a large team building solutions for SMEs and the enterprise, driven by a simple methodology – Build something people want. As we move into the next frontier, we want to build cutting-edge solutions for humanity.

We’re building the future

We’re building something amazing. We believe to have a better world for everyone to live in, humans should exhaust their potentials. We’ve started our journey. See some of our companies.



We want to build solutions people want.

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